Avoiding stranger danger!

Recruiters you haven’t met are experts waiting to help you

Now you may have a clearer picture of how the marketplace works and how you can benefit from it. But there may be a voice in the back of your head saying “how will they understand our culture and unique needs if they don’t know us”? That’s a perfectly reasonable concern. So, help them get to know you!

In the past you probably had (too) many phone calls with recruiters to give them specifics about your company and jobs. Over time some of them got to know you and your organization well and out-performed their competitors. Others didn’t.

The same thing is true of marketplace recruiters except it’s much more efficient. You put all of the needed information in the posting and you only have to tell your story once. Like most things, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it.

So how do you do that? Provide:

  • Accurate, detailed job descriptions (we hate writing them too, but they are critical!)
  • Real salary ranges – don’t type in $1 just to complete a field. If you want recruiters to be able to have productive conversations with the right passive candidates they have to have a full compensation picture. Remember, Scout is a private network; your competitors can’t see the salaries you’re offering.
  • Put all information about the position and your employer brand in there that you can. Say if you’re open to flex-time, working from home or have other benefits that make you an attractive employer. Voted best employer for working mothers? Tell everyone!
  • Ask your Program Delivery Manager to set up an intake call with specialty recruiters where they can ask you questions about your posting. Is relocation an option? Is dress casual? Is there room for salary negotiation? What is the career path of the position? The call will be recorded. That way recruiters who couldn’t make the call can listen later and be well informed. On the call you can expect a mixture of your known recruiters and marketplace recruiters.
  • Use the new Job Q&A product feature where recruiters can ask you questions about a posting within Scout and you can answer them. Your responses help narrow searches to the best fit and save you from answering the same question more than once.
  • Give helpful feedback on candidates you reject so you don’t get more of them. If you can’t stand one more person asking to bring their hamster to work, then say that’s what made you turn a candidate down. You can even say you don’t want any more hamster owners!

We know we are asking you to try and trust some new concepts but they are proven ones designed for the sole purpose of finding you the best talent. If you need help doing any of these things your Program Delivery Manager will be happy to help you.

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