It’s good to have friends in hiring places

We’ve been at this awhile. In fact, the idea for Scout was first conceived back in 2012 by staffing industry veteran and award-winning entrepreneur John Chuang.

After founding and growing Aquent, the world’s largest creative and digital marketing staffing agency, it became clear to Chuang that, with hundreds of thousands of search firm recruiters in the U.S. alone, it was becoming more of a challenge for employers to fill their open requisitions efficiently.

On top of that, while most search firms promise to find the best people for all of types of roles, research proves that 91% of successful placements come from specialty recruiters.

So, with a dash of digital inspiration from how folks research and find specialized contractors online, John and our team of engineers created Scout: a groundbreaking platform that uses machine learning to analyze billions of recruiting performance data points to predict recruiter success by specific job type. Scout’s AI then matches specific recruiters to specific jobs to ensure candidate quality while reducing fill times.

Soon after its official launch in 2013, Scout’s marketplace began attracting hiring organizations and thousands of specialty recruiters across search disciplines, industries and geographies.

The rest, as they say, is history. Though we’re still writing it and are just getting to the really juicy parts.