Fill open jobs faster & easier

Our seamless ATS integration and machine learning pairs the right search firms with your open positions to find the best talent while saving time and money.

Access more talent
Fill open jobs 40% faster
Your openings get matched to the specialized search firm recruiters with proven track records of finding successful active and passive candidates.
Lower costs up to 33%
Save your company money
Scout’s large, active Provider Marketplace and de-duping of applicants lowers your hiring costs.
Easy implementation
Free to set up. Free to use.
Get up and running quickly (and for free), with seamless integration into your ATS, easy-to-use software and world-class security.

Solving TA Problems with AI

There’s plenty of hype around AI and recruitment these days. Here at Scout, we use AI to drive our recruitment marketplace. How can you identify your best opportunities to use AI to address your talent acquisition challenges? Join Scout CEO Ken Lazarus for a discussion on where AI can have the greatest potential for impact.

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The top companies in the world rely on Scout

10% of the Fortune 100, along with hundreds of other clients in Banking, Healthcare, Technology and more trust Scout to help optimize their talent acquisition process.

  • Financial Service clients with $8 trillion in assets under management.
  • Healthcare clients responsible for tens of millions of patients.
  • Apparel clients who have manufactured over 900 million pairs of shoes.
  • Software development clients with hundreds of millions of users.