Greater access
to greater talent
Organizations are only as strong as the people they hire. It all comes down to your talent pool, which is limited by the recruiters you know. That’s all about to change. Our revolutionary platform taps businesses into the largest network of specialty recruiters, poised and ready to fill any direct or contract role.
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A match made in data
Our machine learning rates every participant based on performance data, not opinions. Through these ratings, our platform intelligently matches your posting to the right recruiter ready with the right candidates. Get immediate results for immediate openings. It’s a no-brainer.
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All on one platform
Nobody ever said, “Let’s make this as difficult as possible,” but it feels that way. We’re all about streamlining the process and integrating with your HR systems so you’ve only got one contract, one invoice, one platform. (Did we mention it’s free?)
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How it works
The Scout Platform
Our platform integrates seamlessly with your ATS, so posting jobs, communicating with search firms, and moving candidates through the hiring process all from one system simplifies your job.
Solving TA Problems with AI
Artificial intelligence and its transformative potential is a hot topic. You’ve heard the hype. Do you want to learn how can you can apply AI to address your hiring challenges?
Are you a certified diverse supplier?
As a minority-owned business, and as a business that is interested in delivering the best, most diverse talent we possibly can, Scout cares a lot about diversity hiring. That’s why we’ve built parameters into our platform to account…

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