The Problem

As a corporate recruiter for Victaulic, the world’s leading producer of mechanical pipe joining solutions, Judy Tierney was in a tough situation. “As the only operations recruiter at Victaulic, time is of the essence for me. That is my greatest asset. Every day I got slammed by messages from agencies. I just didn’t have the time to manage it.” Victaulic decided to try Scout Exchange and Judy said she could see the benefit right away.

The Solution

From the start, Judy had two main problems that she needed Scout to help her overcome. The first, was that the open requisitions that she typically has for supply chain managers, IT experts, and engineers are typically harder-to-fill positions. The second, as the only corporate recruiter on-site, her time is precious and valuable.

Using Scout, Judy has been able to find talent quickly and less expensively. She attributes part of this success to the intake sessions Scout moderates for key job postings. These virtual sessions bring together agencies and hiring managers to ask specific questions to be clear about the job specifics. Judy also notes that having the ability to “set the rate for contacts and have agencies bid on it,” makes search firms much more responsive.

It has allowed Victaulic to save significantly. Scout has given Judy back valuable time in her day. “The ability to coordinate contracts with a variety of agencies and have Scout funnel the positions is a real time saver. I just click on the link in Taleo to put the job out there through Scout and it makes life a lot easier. It’s seamless.”

The Opportunity

Tierney looks forward to continued streamlining for Victaulic with Scout through expanding use to their field-based sales recruiters. She is avidly promoting Scout to them. “Let’s face it, there are so many agencies out there and they each specialize that to the right agency.”

When asked what advice she would give to hiring managers who are currently using other marketplaces, Judy said, “Try Scout. It’s a huge time saver. It will connect you to agencies with the specialty that you are looking for.”