With one contract, Scout’s seamless integration into Sendouts allows you to become an approved vendor, gaining access to more of the right job orders while still maximizing the value of your network to become more profitable.

Scout connects search firms to more job orders, while removing processes that are high touch and manual, and streamlining to drive efficiency. By digitizing business development efforts, you can focus on finding what’s important: making more placements to grow your business.

Scout works intuitively to make you more profitable by working with more clients with more jobs in your specialty. Only employers using a Scout partner Applicant Tracking System can participate, so you know you’re always working with credible, engaged employers.

Open the door to new client relationships, and place more of your available talent. With no business development or marketing efforts, Scout makes it easy to increase your placements without leaving your current workflow.

And if you think it couldn’t get easier, Scout handles all billing and collections.


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