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Although many businesses realize the value of big data for HR, there is still a void of performance data available when it comes to working with outside recruiters. And both the corporate recruiter and search firm want to make a quality placement fast. The right recruiters have a keen understanding of the available talent pool for specific roles and who is best suited for each position. Get the speed, power and convenience of an online platform backed by the certainty of data analytics to specialize and target your search.

Scout research revealed that 91 percent of placements come from specialty recruiters, and employers needed a way to quickly connect with the right recruiters. Scout developed an application that uses big data to accelerate talent acquisition. Scout’s performance ­based matching algorithm matches the job with the specialty recruiters who have statistically performed the best for that type of role, and are most likely to deliver the best results.

Scout is the quickest, most convenient way to use specialized recruiters to target top talent.

Scout makes it easy.

Big data benefits specialty recruiters as well. One contract gives them access to a vast marketplace of relevant job requisitions, reducing the amount of time they need to spend on business development. With this model, specialty recruiters receive the job orders they are best equipped to fill. This results in more business opportunities and more satisfied clients. According to Staffing Industry Analysts, “specialization and sourcing relevant job orders create a tremendous business advantage for agency recruiters.

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Scout Connect provides you a simple, streamlined way to expand your business by providing you access to hundreds of jobs in the Scout marketplace.

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