The Problem

As a Global Design and Construction Company, Epstein struggled to find senior level Project Managers and Site Managers without having to do a retained search. According to Epstein’s Senior VP Director of Corporate Services, Criss Paccione-Anderson, the problem was threefold.

First, she says, it’s a tougher hiring environment for architectural engineering talent, than it was 15 years ago. And second, the marketplace has changed. There’s greater turnover. On average, employees are changing jobs every 18 months.

Finally Epstein faced the challenge of finding construction Site Managers with experience in building industrial plants in a very specific niche, food manufacturing. This additional requirement made talent extremely hard to locate.

The Solution

Given her recruiting challenges, when Paccione-Anderson found Scout Exchange through Taleo, she thought she’d “try it out.”

Although she was skeptical at first because of some not-so great experiences she had with recruiters over the years, she needed a new approach to tough-to-fill positions.

So far, she has successfully used Scout to recruit five hires. Paccione-Anderson says she is most impressed with how quick and easy Scout is to use.

“It doesn’t cost anything to get started. You can get set up the next day. And there’s no lead time.”

The Opportunity

Thanks to Scout, Paccione-Anderson says Epstein has had a lot of success and cut their recruiting time down significantly. Overseeing all corporate functions for the U.S., as well as offices in Warsaw and Bucharest, PaccioneAnderson is always busy. She appreciates that she can use Scout passively. “I don’t have to answer emails or take calls from recruiters. I just don’t have time for small talk.”

With the ability to save time and find more specialized talent without having to do a retained search, Paccione-Anderson thinks Scout is here to stay.